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— Marisa Cuomo Winery, Furore

Overlooking the sea, at an altitude of 500 meters, Cantine Marisa Cuomo dominates part of the Amalfi Coast.

The vines, most of which are trained on pergolas and are often planted in the vertically rock faces, cover an area of ten hectares.

The wines of Cantine Marisa Cuomo age in an old wine cellar dug into the dolomitic-limestone rock: a fascinating, cool and damp place which houses French oak barriques.

Vinification takes place using the most modern techniques, combining nature and technology.

In a location like Furore, which is so characteristic yet extreme at the same time, care for the vines and grapes is carried out entirely by hand.

In close contact with nature, Cantine Marisa Cuomo experiments techniques to steal land from the rock, building pergolas to support the vines and strictly selecting the best cultivation methods and only noble grape varieties.

— Tenuta San Francesco Winery, Tramonti

At Tramonti, in the greenery of the Amalfitan Coast, “Tenuta San Francesco farm” makes appellation controlled wine. In 2004, in order to rivive an ancient viticultural tradition, was born S. Francesco farm in Tramonti, the green heart of the Amalfi Coast.

The farm extends over about eight and a half hectares and produces wines from the grapes of three local historical families: the Bove, the D’Avino, the Giordano.

The modern highly technological equipment of the cellar was completed by the beginning of 2005.

It is set in the ancient estate belonging to the Di Palma Family, the actual producers, who avail of the expert professional advice of dr. Carmine Valentino from Avellino.

— Azienda Agricola Reale Winery, Maiori

Scent of the land , the breeze from the sea, vineyards and mountains: a rich and unique atmosphere.
Through the magnificent village of Gete , discovering the vineyards of the azienda agricola reale

Wine Borgo di Gete: best Campanian label  2007

Wine Aliseo: top hundred 2007

Wine Getis: best rosé (oscar wine 2014)

— Cantina Del Vesuvio Winery, Tre Case

In 1948, just as Italy was recovering from World War II, Giovanni Russo founded his small family winery on the volcanic slopes of Mount Vesuvius.

At the time, wine was transported to Naples by horse-drawn wagon, where small, rural vintners sold their wines to larger merchants, who then supplied shops and restaurants around the city.

Giovanni’s son, Maurizio, began working at a young age in the family business, starting out as a humble field hand.

After years of working in the winery, Maurizio decided to make a change: 18 years ago he opened his doors for visits and tastings, invested in improving the quality of the wines, and limited distribution exclusively to the winery shop.

 Tour of Mozzarella di Bufala production in Paestum

Greek temples and buffalo?  No one would expect to find them together, but that is exactly what awaits you when you visit Paestum, near Salerno in Southern Italy, home to the world famous Buffalo Mozzarella.

Today, visitors to the Paestum area have the opportunity of visiting several water buffalo farms and dairies, most of which are conveniently situated along a stretch of the SS18, locally known as “Mozzarella Road”.

Not only you can taste and buy the fresh product at source, but you can also take a tour to see the entire production process from raw milk to delectable cheese; (And you get to see some of the best preserved examples of Greek temples in the world…)

Mozzarella Bufala
Oliv oil tour

— Olive Oil Tour Sorrento, Frantoio Gargiulo

On the hills of Sorrento, few kilometers from the Amalfi Coast, between the magical island of Capri and the famous active volcano, Vesuvius, is where the Frantoio Gargiulo is situated, and where it’s passionately dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil preserving the traditions of millers handed down from generation to generation. The passion for the oil comes in 1849, when with a small family mill and manual press, he mills the olives of family farm. In the ’70s, continuing the tradition of millers passed from generation to generation, was born the “Gargiulo” brand, which has always been synonymous of courtesy and quality products.Among our range of products we have SYRENUM, extravirgin olive oil D.O.P. Penisola Sorrentina, the SYRRENTUM, an extravirgin olive with delicate flavour, the VENUS extravirgin olive oil organically farmed, and the exclusively condiments with Extravirgin olive oil and the famous SORRENTO’S LEMON I.G.P. and SORRENTO’S ORANGES, a combination of the most popular and typical products of the Sorrento Coast.

—  Ceramics created in Amalfi Coast

The art of making ceramics is one of man’s most ancient activities. The combination of earth, fire, and human workmanship has long created objects of practical and ornamental beauty. Ceramic products have been produced in many areas and countries, but Italy has certainly always been one of the most well known for its ceramics. One of the major centers of ceramic production in Italy has been Vietri sul Mare in the Amalfi Coast, together with Positano. Ceramics produced there exited via the bay of Salerno, bound for Sicily, Calabria, and the Mediterranean watershed.
The area of the Amalfi Coast has been one in which the local earth, rich in clay and volcanic content, has been used to produce ceramics for thousands of years. It was a popular summer retreat for Ceasars in Roman times. The reflection of the local landscape in its ceramics have been valued by tourists and Ceasars alike. During the 20th century, Vietri’s neighbor, Positano, largely due to an article written by John Steinbeck for “Harper’s Bazaar”, became a very important tourist destination. As its tourism industry has grown, so too has its art community. Today, some of the finest ceramics are produced in the small towns that dot the landscape. The natural beauty of this area is reflected in the ceramics produced there.
Inside of the tower in the garden of Villa Guariglia in locality Raito di Vietri sul Mare it has been realized the Museum of the Ceramics, that shows to the people the typical production of Vietri sul Mare, together with south Italy ceramic examples.

Ceramics Amalfi Coast
Lemon Tour

— Amalfi Lemon Experience

Lemon really is an effective remedy against many diseases and disorders of which we mention a few here: scurvy, flu, infectious disease, anemia, nausea, rheumatism, loss of appetite, bronchitis, arteriosclerosis, difficult digestion, scurvy, liver failure, diabetes, gout, hyperthyroidism and kidney stones.

Its been said that the lemon more that a food is a real drug.

Useful to prepare delicious recipes and good for our health.

— Eating pizza in Naples isn’t just getting a quick meal, It’s eating a piece of history.

Naples is famously the home of pizza, that ubiquitous dish we eat so often we forget that it’s something that even needed to be invented.

Campania, the region of which Naples is the capital, had a perfect storm of events and ingredients that made pizza possible.

The tomatoes grown in the region had just started being canned on a grand scale and the rich buffalo mozzarella made nearby was practically begging for a dish to showcase it properly.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is strictly regulated – find the real thing by looking for the “Vera Pizza Napoletana” symbol of a pulcinella holding a pizza peel in the window of any pizzeria – down to every last ingredient that can go into the dough, sauce, and more.

This is pizza you eat with a knife and fork – it’s notoriously wet, especially in the middle – and the flavor is out of this world.

Ceramics Amalfi Coast

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